It's Difficult To Let Go

I burned all the pictures,
And every letter and gift,
But what do I do with all these memories,
That never let me forget you.

And there are all our common friends,
Of our past tied together,
It’s like every step I try to take forward,
An incident pulls me back again.

I Want To Find

I am surrounded by noise,
People, buildings, vehicles.
All pushing me towards something,
It is as if they are trying to give me,
A key to my destiny.

A key that will heal all my pain,
Bring me fame, success and maybe more,
And yet I find myself running,
In the opposite direction,
Yes, I am running away.

He Walks Ahead

He walks ahead,
Pretending to look behind,
Calls out to me,
And says, it's time I caught up.

I am confused,
Not sure, what he wants,
But I am afraid to admit.

The Mind Plays

This mind plays a lot many games,
Black appears white,
And White - Grey,
You have no clue as to whom to care for.

Puzzles never get solved,
And the time runs up on you,
The TV's too boring,
And the children too loud.

Lonely Souls

Two souls walking by,
Never did they realize,
How lonely they were alone,
And what a difference their presence made.

After years together,
One finally died,
The other one,
Started to cry.

Small Change

Debates are raging hot
The climate’s wrecked or not
Are carbon levels shot?
Or is it sunspots?

Seas are rising high
Iceberg tides are nigh
Will we all be fried
As temperatures rise?

Friends For Long

Years of friendship,
Of all the fights and care,
Of the times, when we grew up,
And our ties grew stronger.

When we understood the other,
More than ourselves,
Then why did love have to,
Come in between?

Real Dreams

Doubt is only the dark whispering to the light
A demon forked-tongue sharpened with spite
Fear is the dismal ghost of past reprimand
Punch it in the face and bring your dreams to your hand

‘Cause if you wait
Then growth suspends
And if you hate
It just makes dead ends…

I Remember You

I remember you,
Playing your damn guitar,
Sitting on my porch,
Trying to string a tune.

I remember you,
Reading a book,
With a pencil in your mouth,
Trying to be an intellect.
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