Easy to put the blame
and run.
But relations require
constant efforts.

I have the habit of
And generally, he sees,
the worst in me.

My anxiety gets worse,
I drive him crazy.
We end up in a fight,
my condition gets

But in all the noise,
I never tell him,
how much
he means to me.

Or what I feel for him.
Don't know how to tell.
Or how I am secure when I am with him
Or that he is the light in my life.

I get caught up in fear
and it refuses to let me go.
I just wish, he doesn't
give up on me too soon.


I was on my way
to the post office
with a packet full of
love letters.

I don't know how or
but I lost them
on my way.

I had written them over
a few years
to a guy
I loved secretly.

On this particular day,
I had gathered my courage
and finally decided
to confess my love.

But alas,
it was not to be.


I fell in the water
and knew not how to swim or drown.
And society had taught that a Princess
had to be rescued to meet her Prince.
So I waited patiently for him.

Tired of waiting, I thought of seeking help.
First came a bird.
He promised to fly me away.
But as he gave a leg to save me
we realised he was not so strong.

So he said he will go, eat and
when his strength had regained,
he would come and save me.
He didn't come.
But I saw him fly with another of his type.

Next came a crocodile, but he appeared to be nice.
So I thought why not.
Oh! But was he wicked, he just tried to bite.
At first I thought it happened accidentally,
but then he continued and I had to escape.

But the scars are my lessons learnt.
Experienced and wise, next I stopped a fish.
Asked him if he would teach me how to swim.
Then came a tortoise, followed by a frog.
They each taught me something.

I could easily just leap out of the water.
I thanked my new friends and bid them goodbye.
But society wasn't happy.
You are a Princess, they tried to remind me,
I had to act a certain way.

I asked them where they were
when I was drowning.
They said, it was a lesson I had to learn.
I called them two faced bastards.
And they seemed shocked.

However, it had dawned on me,
That I really didn't care.
My life is my life.
My choices define me.

Why then must I behave
the way someone else wants me to be?
I am just a girl, trying to be a lady
in whichever capacity I want to mould myself to be.


He said jump,
I said no.
He said jump,
I jumped.
He didn't. Just stayed back.
I was hanging upside down,
all alone.

Can't call it euphoric.
Panic started to grip
as I now could see the world
Wasn't this the moment
I should have been ecstatic?
I cried instead.

Realisation slowly dawned
Someone was pulling me up.
I hoped it was him,
I looked around.
This wasn't so bad.
I started to sing.
Finally, everything would be OK.

I reached on top.
There was no one there.
As I sat there confused,
I felt a severe pain in me.
My heart was being ripped out.
I had to save myself.
I jumped again.


We were never friends.
Just met one day
and started dating

He knows the effect
he has on me.
But I haven't admitted
how he drives me crazy.

I adore how he has an opinion
about everything around.
He doesn't mince his words
and never does he retract.

I like how he supports my feminism.
He pushes me to be independent
and helps with things
that help me evolve.

He has his moments of being
unapologetically kidish and then
the very next moment he could
reak of maturity and experience.

When I am with him,
I feel protected and loved.
Especially when
I look into his eyes.

Loud voice, strong shoulders,
His innocence lies hidden in his deep eyes.
He is no angel.
However, he cannot be called a demon either.

I haven't told him yet
and I don't really know when or how
I feel in love with
the grumpy odd saviour.


I have been having
sleepless nights,
often wondering
about us.

My greatest concern
right now is
how long
will he stay.

Anxiety ridden,
too confused,
I often drive him
to the end of the cliff.

Our fights seem endless.
Love in moments, few.
I question the time
I said yes to him.

In the silences in between,
I cry.
Hoping that he stays
for me.

I don't have the strength
to get over this heartbreak.
He is the one for me,
he is just too precious.


You got the freedom to walk out.
But before you leave,
say goodbye.

Plus I want to know
if you ever loved me,
if I could have ever been The One.

Answers could help
as years later I might remember you
in fond memories.

We had something magical,
but our stars weren't strong.

They fell to pieces
with the touch of love
and fears of our past.


A look at your face
melts all my worries away.
When I am not with you,
little do I know where I belong.

You make me feel safe
in a world that makes me anxious.
And yet I find myself
playing a game of cat and mouse.

I am worried of losing you
while I am still discovering you.
I do stupid things,
unsure of myself.

It breaks my heart.
You alone manage to bring out
the best and the worst
in me.

I am lost
in a whirlpool of emotions.
Feeling things I never imagined,
rising to heights I couldn't see.

Why the hide and seek, I fathom.
These things are draining me out.
But your loves a challenge
and I am badly addicted.


Mr. Grumpy complains
about many things.
He wonders why I hide,
he wants to be included.
But I try to ignore.

How can I tell him,
I get goosebumps every time
he catches my soft hands
and slowly rubs it
on his rough cheeks.

Mr. Grumpy complains
about his eyesight.
But oh! He looks so sexy
in his geeky specs.
If only I could confess.

How can I tell him,
I feel so safe
when I get to hide my face
in his warm chest.
Nothing else comes closer.

Mr. Grumpy complains
and complains.
He is finicky, but straightforward,
often misunderstood.
The nut that he is.

How can I say that
I am slowly getting addicted
to him, his grumpiness
and all the other quirks he has.
But that I am scared too.


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