Subtext People

He doesn't usually walk,
He paces,
A nod to the computer guy,
A friendly hello to the arrogant shopkeeper.

Always on the move,
Popular with the masses,
But I am struggling here,
To anatomize his language.

Sometimes, I Wonder!!!

Sometimes I wonder,
If you miss me,
As much as I miss you.

It's true we didn't
spend too much time together.
Just a few summers, college, school.

He Does Just The Opposite

He says he cares for me,
But then goes ahead,
And does just the opposite.

For days now,
He doesn't pick up my call,
And then on a blue moon, he calls.

And I have come to the point,
Where I can't decide,
Whether I matter to him or not.

If Only...

If only you would meet me,
And say things were fine,
And that even though,
 I had hurt you,
That you had forgiven me.

Cause I Miss You So Much

I once opened the dictionary,
To check the meaning of,
The words - to miss someone.

And it said it meant,
To feel the absence of someone,
And that's exactly how I feel, Right now.

When We Met, Again

We had so much in common,
No wonder we ended up together,
But then as our priorities changed,
Our relationship changed too.

And I wanted to move on,
But he didn't see it that way,
He thought I was giving up too easy,
I thought he was stuck to the past.

I Stopped Believing In Love

I stopped believing in Love,
The day you walked out,
On Us.

And let people dwell in it,
It’s none of my concern,
I don’t really care.

Not That Man Anymore

It’s late in the night,
And I can feel it,
In your voice.

But for some reason,
I refuse to,
Believe it.

We All Need Answers

I know how it all,
Went down,
How you didn't need me,

How you were too,
And wanted to run,
On your own.
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