My love for you
is so true
that even stars shine
a bit brighter to compete.

On an ordinary day,
two drifters met.
Their eyes caught each other's
and sparks flew.

A few dates, 99 calls,
days were never like before.
You know what I feel for you,
but often I don't express.

But today is special.
Let me confess that
my love for you
is just the tip of the ice-burg.

There is loads more
I want to offer,
if only you shall except,
to hold and to cherish.


I saw an adorable couple,
Maybe in their 60s,
Peppered Hair,
Relaxed and much in love.

I want us to be like them,
When we grow that old,
Enjoying our relationship,
And holding our own.

And I really don't know what it would take,
To be that way,
But I am ready to put in the works,
If you stand along with me, sharing the load.

While we are still young and can move mountains,
Let’s build a life so wholesome
that when we have white hair,
Young people watch us and want themselves to be just like us.


Life’s a journey,
With moments good and bad,
How we deal with it,
Night and day,
Makes us who we are.

A lot of love, care and joy,
Are like miracle workers,
More than we realise.

Family, friends, a special someone,
Are the ones that support you,
In more ways than one.

If ever you feel worn out,
Dissatisfied, or angry,
Remember your strengths,
And believe in yourself.

Because life can be a pain at times,
But at times, we forget that it also is,
A mother’s hug, a sister’s care,
A father’s concern, a friend’s abuse.

Ballroom dancing, a relay race, a puppy at home,
Graduation, the moon and the stars,
And everything else that ever makes your heart skip a beat,
Life’s a journey to Live, So live it well.

~ A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz


He sat looking outside the window, 
Oblivious to the world,
Thoughts were running wild in his head,
Creating chaos, yet he looked a sea of calm.

It was only yesterday,
His dreams were closer than ever before,
All he had to do was stretch his hands,
Far and wide, life would be his.

His mom was his teacher,
The only one he ever could trust,
A sibling too small,
And a father too weak, who left them long ago.

Today, as he waited to bury his sweet angel,
Memories of his childhood flood him by,
How his mother called his name,
And a hug from her made everything all right.

Life wasn't meant to be this way,
After years he had been happy,
He finally had a chance to make his mother proud,
But before she could see him rise, she was away.

His sister came running to call him,
He looked lovingly at her,
He knew he still had a purpose,
Even though he was the boy at a loss.

~ A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz


If I die tomorrow,
Remember this my love,
For me there was only you,
Because you were always the one.

And when our paths crossed,
We made a few mistakes,
Love touched us,
But we let it pass us through.


I walked out on you,
Cause you told me we were through,
I started to stroll,
In a direction opposite to you...

Then so many years since,
Why do I get to see your face,
Staring at me,
As if you can't believe I could survive....


Moved on a long time ago,
Accepted our fate,
But this loneliness doesn't go,
Makes me question everything.

And if I was surrounded by souls alone,
The ride wouldn't be so bad,
But amongst the loved and cared,
My pain only grows.


You may not know this,
But now that you are not here,
I can't forget you,
Or let you go.

In this amazing world,
With technology at its best,
I use it often,
To keep a check on you.


I walk towards our usual place,
The sun is on its way home,
I can see you waiting by the bench,
Anticipating my arrival.

We each had different backgrounds,
Way to different for us to meet,
And yet you came into my life,
Like a heart beat in a symphony.


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