Have you met our good man, Hooch?
He walks with a stick up his bum,
Yet cool as a cucumber,
He will save the day.

For the town's folk he is the hero,
With every mother and daughter taking only his name,
Hooch sure is a charmer.
Even the boys find him hard to resist.

He huffs and puffs behind closed doors,
Says he is inventing the best time machine anyone has ever seen.
And while to you that may sound insane,
Don't you ever go about the town saying it out aloud.

Because if you do, mark my words.
First he will laugh and then blame you for being the problem.
And then slowly and steadily the townsfolk will turn on you,
While he will quite confidently retreat to his house.

And days and years later,
You will question yourself.
And wonder whether you were at fault.
And the answer to that, sadly you shall never know.

So, let me save you from all that wrath.
If you see a man,
walking as if there was a stick up his bum.
Smile, nod and walk away from my dear friend, good man, Hooch. 


Don't be so good to me,
It's not that I don't deserve it.
I do. Every freaking day.
It's just that I will fall in love again.

And then you will reject me all over again.
I won't be able to handle it the second time.
It will hurt and pain and I will get angry.
You know what a monster I can be when I turn into hulk.

I burn everyone in sight.
You wouldn't be able to escape.
No, not even you.
In the end you will start avoiding me

We will stop being friends
and I will lose the one person
I care about the most.
Which will hurt more than it does now.

So, be there but stay aloof.
Play it cool like me.
As if I never liked you and I never could.
And hopefully,
this heart will forget it ever loved you.


Let me write a love song for you
to convey my thoughts and feelings.
That when it rains or pours,
I detest it, but my feet run out dancing
because I know you love it's feel on your face.

Let me write a love letter to you
to sneak a thousand words of how much I adore you.
I run each time to the door
awaiting you.

Let me write a love poem for you
Jumbling a few words or the Haiku you like.
Cause I miss hearing your voice each day
The fights, the expectations.

If I was Shah Jehan, a Taj Mahal it would have been.
But let the stars and moon be my witness
No one loves you more than I do right now. So,
Let me write your name in love.


Say it once
when you slowly
walk through that
empty house of ours
you sometimes wish
I was still around.

Say it once
when you sleep on the bed
you stick to your side
afraid to cross the line.
But I am not there.

Say it once
when you get up in the
middle of the night
you miss seeing my face
deep in sleep.

Say it once
it was a mistake and
Mistakes are made by people.
You weren't thinking
and I had to take you back

Say it once
She didn't mean a thing.
You were too drunk
and have stayed away
from her since.

Say it once
or infinite times.
You broke my trust
and I am no Hillary.
I am not coming back.


You don't have to fight,
You don't have to fight.
But the devil's standing in front with a smile.
Can smell the fear
that stems of your insecurity.
She doesn't give a care,
she blasts.

The fault is yours, you say.
The first time, you stayed mum
that gave the devil her strength.
That was a mistake.
Now she huffs and puffs,
while you stammer.

The devil is not that bad, you say. Fooling yourself.
It's the same shit that
you keep telling yourself everyday.
But what will you do?
You person of little consequence.
You depend on the devil for your likelihood.
What will you do?

You get into a shouting match.
The devil screams, you listen.
She is pushing your buttons.
She brings in your family.
You warn her.
She doesn't heed.
Mocks you again.

This time she's crossed every civilized level
You bleed.
So without a care,
you remove the sword and slay
with words.
The next day you put in your papers.


Where is the unfaltering faith when you need it?⠀
The one that slaps anyone who mocks you right in the face.⠀
The one that supports you when you are down⠀
because it's a tough tough world and you cannot always be strong.⠀

Where is that voice⠀
who finds you diverting from your goals,⠀
will first remind you, then scold.⠀
Who when sees you making
a mistake⠀
will guide you or light up the way.⠀

Where is that person⠀
who may be clueless in life⠀
but when it comes to you ⠀
will love you with confidence.⠀

It's difficult to find.⠀
Often you falter with your decisions⠀
and give up.⠀
Don't. Because someday
that faith, voice or whatever you want to call will find you⠀
and this fight you shall win.⠀


It's tough being a girl
in a world that is neither progressive nor backward.
You have to fight, fight, fight.
Sometimes your own expectations
for standing up for yourself.
Sometimes others
for standing up for yourself.

Then there are times when you don't
just want to take a stand at all.
You want to curl and lay back.
But no! The progress of this society rests on your shoulders.
A responsibility you did not take!
But when you are fighting for your,
just your own rights, all alone,
you wish you had taken the responsibility.
Maybe, just maybe you would get more support.

Girls can't drive!
You throw like a girl!
Clich├ęs. Bias.
You want to curl up and cry.
What's wrong in the tiny, salty droplets?
You are human and a sensitive soul.

And each time, you feel stronger,
ready to take on the world,
let not the ogling or the low mentality get in your way.
You have pain,
in your back,
in your stomach,
mood swings, PMS.
You want to curl up and sleep.
You want to not step out
because these periods are uneasy and difficult.

It's a gift.
It's your friend.
It's a sign of your productivity,
they say.
It's a freaking achievement!

Feminist. Feminazi. Fem whatever.
You made these tags.
Then you fight the stereotypes.
You judge, sometimes your own kind.
You just...
You just want to curl and just be you.
Whatever that is.


I wish your memories
were like the clementine in my hair,
It would fade, fade, fade.
Until that one day, when it would be gone.

And sad as I would be,
Life would be back to normal,
boring even.
But pure. Without an eye sore.

I had wanted you like I needed air,
And once you got into me,
I couldn't breathe.
You had to go.

It took time,
But I excepted my fate.
I had to say goodbye,
to my clementine.


Are you lonesome tonight?
Do you miss me tonight?
Sings Elvis Presley in the background.
I don’t.

Yesterday was my birthday.
Today is a new day.
Sitting at a wedding bar,
I drink nothing.

An old aunt, one that I always avoid
catches me.
I know the question in her mind.
After a few pleasantries, she spells it out.

So, when are you getting married?
I tell her my standard reply
As soon as I find someone worthy.
She calls me picky.

I want to yell just two blessed words to her.
But I stay quiet.
I don’t want her to complain to my mom.
My parents have their own challenges to fight.

But seriously, that question has hounded me for long.
I wish there was an easy answer.
But there isn’t.
Initially, it was a grieving heart.

Then it was the angry one.
Emotions fogged my eyes.
I pushed people away.
Then I complained no one stayed.

I was never devoid of attention.
Even though I was Xenia or Wonder Woman
Who slayed people with words.
But the search never ended.

Am I picky I sometimes wonder.
Yes, I am. And proud of it too.
Because just liking someone won’t do.
I want love, the never fletching type.

The one that is not afraid of the storm,
Or the rough weather.
The one that supports through every crack and

The one that protects you while you have doubts
And empowers you to fight the big bad world.
The one that asks and talks.
The one that is practically contemporary.

If there was ever a term like that.
The one that is so deep that it doesn’t needs
boxes or terms to put it in.
The one that accepts all the flaws and celebrates it.

The one that teaches and learns.
But most importantly evolves stronger with time.
And it is complicated. I don’t deny.
But that is where its beauty lies.

Yesterday, was my birthday.
I look at my old aunt,
Raise a tequila shot to my name
and walk away.


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