I Have Hidden Your Memory

I have hidden your memory,
Deep in the corner of my heart,
Hoping that no one shall ever know,
No, definitely not you.

And soon I shall run away from here,
Far away from your sight,
So that seeing you every day,
Won't be as difficult as it is now.

If I die tomorrow!

If the sun doesn't rise for me tomorrow
Will you stand with a heavy heart with sorrow?
For my happy days on earth is over;
And heaven is pulling me closer!

Though how much you shed your tears;
And scream & yell, I will be no more to hear
For, you cover me with a bouquet & bunch of garlands;
I will be no more to smell their fragrance!

I WIsh I Had Said Goodbye

I hate goodbyes,
Was never good at it anyways,
Something about them,
Just made me too sad.

We had a good run,
Me and him,
Love was in the air,
But no commitment.

Do You Ever Fear?

Do you ever fear,
That somewhere deep inside,
Is a monster waiting?

That grows and festers,
And shows up its head,
When you least expect.

Come Back, If Only For A While

When I am angry,
I laugh.
When I am sad,
I twirl around our house.

Missing you like crazy,
Hoping you would still be around,
Crying on your shoulder,
And still feeling all right.

The Muse

 Image Copyrights: Murad OsmannIn life,
Always breathing,
Living my life,
As a recluse.

I live by principles,
Eat and drink in creativity,
Money, is that so important?
My condition is my own choice.

There’s So Much More...

It’s cold outside,
Dark and dingy,
I rather not step out,
I feel safe at home.

And yet when I look out,
I can see the smoke,
From the chimney top,
1, 2, 3 there's so much more.

Stuck Inside

Home all alone
Listening to the fire burn
Thoughts inside my head
make my heart churn

Missing all the simple things
That made everything so real
Lost in my emotions
Confused on how to feel

Dear Mr. Postman

Dear Mr. Postman,
Could you take this letter,
And send it with care,
Because it has a story to tell.

I need to tell my friend,
Of all the little blunders,
That keep happening in my life,
Of all the joys and sorrows.

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