He walks with a swag,
Attitude spells mess-with-me-not,
Flexes his muscles and tattoos,
Particular about his brand.

But when you question your petite self,
Like what the hell were you thinking,
Liking a guy so macho,
Wondering if you made a mistake.

He smiles,
And you realise that behind that tough exterior,
Is a softie,
Who is searching for love too.

Oh! How deceiving, looks can be.
He is quirky just like me,
His antics make me laugh,
And from the corner of my eye I can see him admiring me.

He speaks a lot,
With eyes shining bright,
And I am falling in love,
With a guy who's everything I am not.


You are nowhere in sight,
You said you would be back soon,
And left to a far away land.

Each day and each night,
I would wait for you to respond,
Days became months,
You never looked back once.

While I was picking up the pieces,
Of my broken dreams,
I heard you had got married.

That was the last day,
I ever cried for you,
I am getting stronger now,
But certain days are just too cruel.

You tried contacting me,
Trying to justify,
But I just know you never really knew me,
Otherwise, you wouldn't have left.

I sit in a corner of my room,
Remind myself of all my toil,
I don't want any part of you in my life.


I don't know if this is the best way
to breakup with you.
I know people tease Taylor Swift for doing it too,
but what the hell, I am beyond that already.

I won't tell you that,
you are a good person and that you deserve better than me,
because that is too cliché and mear words.
They mean nothing to the bleeding heart.

On a relationship built on trust,
you and I have both avoided facing the truth.
In the last few years we have grown
unfortunately in opposite directions.

And it's not that we just gave up.
We tried everything we could,
but the love just went out.
What's left is only respect.

And we can't go forward stuck together
only for that one reason.
It doesn't seem fair
to either of us.

When you are done reading this,
I shall be out waiting. Let’s sit and talk.
Save what we still have left -
good memories and our friendship.


Who is to say what holds beyond death,
Nobody did ever come back and tell,
Hocus Pocus and rumours be fell,
Heaven and Hell is what is assured.

But I sleep, eat and live in the present,
How can I bother about these things then,
If only there was magic,
An elf, a wizard or a little hobbit.

But alas those are meant for books,
films and stories,
Much like black and white are aspirations,
But gray, now that's my reality.

So armed with belief in myself,
An ever increasing knowledge,
Experience, hard work and the works,
I fight my own battles.

And if I die so be it,
The least I know I did my best,
To live honestly and more importantly humanly,
With Love.


I won't lie to you,
Every time I see a couple pass by,
I cringe inside,
Wanting what they have.

And I know that I am far away from it,
Without a crush or love around,
And none seem to be in sight,
Near or far.

I won't lie to you,
As much as I relish my independence,
There is still a big part of me,
That craves someone beloved to call my own.

And walk hand in hand,
On a street full of people,
With whom I can share a joke,
And who understands me more than anyone I know.

I want the institution that's called marriage,
And a man who won't want me
to choose between a career or a kid,
Who won't disappear because my ideas reek feminism.

I won't lie to you,
I love to watch rom-com often,
And I sometimes cry on a really emotional scene,
Even though I look tough, I have a heart that's crazy for love.

And I don't speak this in desperation,
My apologies if I sound so,
But wanting to state the matters of my heart,
I just wanted to be honest with you.

I am a single girl,
Standing in front of you,
Looking for love and respect,
And not wanting to settle for anything less.


You got the freedom to walk out,
But before you leave and go,
Don’t just say goodbye.

Tell me the truth,
Did you ever truly love me?
Or that I could have been the One.

Answers would help,
Years later I could remember you
in fond memories.

We had something magical.
But our stars weren’t strong,
they fell to pieces.

With the touch of love
and fears of our past.


My love for you
is so true
that even stars shine
a bit brighter to compete.

On an ordinary day,
two drifters met.
Their eyes caught each other's
and sparks flew.

A few dates, 99 calls,
days were never like before.
You know what I feel for you,
but often I don't express.

But today is special.
Let me confess that
my love for you
is just the tip of the ice-burg.

There is loads more
I want to offer,
if only you shall except,
to hold and to cherish.


I saw an adorable couple,
Maybe in their 60s,
Peppered Hair,
Relaxed and much in love.

I want us to be like them,
When we grow that old,
Enjoying our relationship,
And holding our own.

And I really don't know what it would take,
To be that way,
But I am ready to put in the works,
If you stand along with me, sharing the load.

While we are still young and can move mountains,
Let’s build a life so wholesome
that when we have white hair,
Young people watch us and want themselves to be just like us.


Life’s a journey,
With moments good and bad,
How we deal with it,
Night and day,
Makes us who we are.

A lot of love, care and joy,
Are like miracle workers,
More than we realise.

Family, friends, a special someone,
Are the ones that support you,
In more ways than one.

If ever you feel worn out,
Dissatisfied, or angry,
Remember your strengths,
And believe in yourself.

Because life can be a pain at times,
But at times, we forget that it also is,
A mother’s hug, a sister’s care,
A father’s concern, a friend’s abuse.

Ballroom dancing, a relay race, a puppy at home,
Graduation, the moon and the stars,
And everything else that ever makes your heart skip a beat,
Life’s a journey to Live, So live it well.

~ A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz


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