I see all these couples,
Young and old,
Laughing, talking,
Holding hands.

And I wonder how they knew,
That they would end up together?
Or that love would be
still there even years later.


Mom wants me to act a certain way,
Comparing me to standards she has set,
As much as I respect her,
I can never be like her.

Dad wants me to be like my mother,
Making sacrifices,
Taking care of people as she goes along,
Stronger than him.

Happiest I Can Be

Moonlight and sunshine
mean so much more,
Cause when you glow,
I don't need them any more.

When you enter the room,
your fragrance captivates me.
The world seems such a nice
place to be.

He Told Me He Was Getting Married

He told me he was getting married,
And I don’t know what to do,
Should I sing, should I act?
I really don’t know how to react.

We had a fling, a long time ago,
But for me, the flames were still burning,
Now I just had another rejection,
From a man who never understood me.

Why Do You Keep Returning?

I have a question for you,
Take your time,
And think about it,
Because this might just be the key.

Why do you keep returning,
When you are sure you don't want to be more than friends
And you know exactly well
That I love you more than I can tell.

Just The Way I Am

Could you kindly open the door,
And ask him to walk out,
Cause I am wiser now,
And won't be bossed around.

I pull out the baggy jeans,
The one that he disliked the most,
Will say goodbye to all the dieting,
I am finally getting around my weight.

Happy Birthday, Amit

(A PERSONALIZED LOVE POEM dedicated by Vidya to her husband Amit on the occasion of his birthday today )

Birthdays are special occasions,
One where you need to be
surrounded with love.
But I am the lucky one here,
who gets to spend
this day with you.

My Kick-Ass Lawyer

(A PERSONALIZED LOVE POEM dedicated by an admirer to Tanmayee)

She’s got attitude
and yet she is charming,
tall and beautiful.
She reminds me of Deepika Padukone.

I often look at her
from the corner of my eye,
stealing looks in between.
Because she’s got my heart captivated.

Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai

(A PERSONALIZED LOVE POEM dedicated by Rupa to her husband Krishna)

I have always known this guy,
A little older than me,
But he was handsome,
And had a God-like personality.

Slowly, I got to know him better,
He was trustworthy and caring,
His tolerant nature and other qualities,
Had a charm on me.



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