I Have Been Walking All Alone.

I have been walking all alone,Till we met.
Even when we were just friends,
You always let me walk ahead.

Though I thought I was alone,
You were walking just behind ashore,
Then somehow we became more than friends,
You came into my life and brought love instead.

The world never felt this way before,
I had never seen so much love to adore,
Balloons, chocolates and roses,
Boy, you made me feel like a princess.

Then I had to leave and go back home,
You said, you will wait for me instead,
A few months later, you called me to tell,
How it was, you had found someone instead.

At first, I thought it was all a joke,
And then somehow, it all began to sink,
It hurt like it never had earlier,
I think I really didn’t wan to live.

I had been walking all alone, till we met,
And now even on a crowded street, I walk alone,
You may never even realize, how it all felt,
Or the way I really cursed you.

But then, I think what the meaning to all this is,
I can be happy,
For the Joys you gave me,
Or be living with the pain instead.

I am walking all alone today,
Hoping you will realize everything, someday,
You will be crying deep down,
That’s the time I won’t be around.

I only wish there was some way out of this,
If I could just walk back into my love,
Maybe he would feel the love we once had,
Or maybe I could just give him a punch instead.

I think I would like that ending,
But life’s not fair to everyone,
So I know,
I have to walk all alone.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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