A Widow's Plea

I close my eyes, and I think I can feel you,
Only yesterday, I saw you do down the hallway,
You said you would be back by 4,
And then I got a call from a friend.
They said I had to rush to the hospital instead.

No amount of blood or praying,
Could have kept you alive,
as I sat there helplessly watching you die,
I just couldn’t seem to yet say "Good bye".

Everywhere around me were people,
My family and friends, but not you.
Of all the things, I ever wanted you to give,
Was never to be hailed as your "Widow"

I went about the funeral,
Walking through it all,For you,Everything went on fine,
 Till I had to say something about you.

What should I tell them - How messy you really were,
or how you left the towels everywhere,
you never thought about the future or,
how at times for people you didn’t care.

I went up and tried to speak about you,
but somehow, everything had really choked,
I think its cause all I was thinking about was you,
or how much anger there was within me.

Of all the things, was the hardest to
come back to the home we called "Ours",
to look at everything and feel no pain,
to look at things, and not see you there.

You could have blessed me with a lifetime,
Which had only a moment less than yours
So that I wouldn't have to live without you too long,
I try hard to stop my tears,
But its days now, and I feel nothing near.

I think you were so selfish, for leaving me alone,
I too want to be selfish and give up all I have,
But there’s a promise I gave you,
I guess you knew me too well.

So Baby, even without you by my side,
I am trying to be strong,
Some days, I might feel a bit weak,
But I will get up, cause I know where ever I am,
I have you watching me instead.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. heart aching... touching directly to the soul!!

    1. Thank you F.S... Appreciate your thoughts... :)



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