You Drove Me Crazy....

I sit in a closed room,
I look around and there’s no one beside me,
There’s noise just outside the door,
I think someone’s calling my name.

I know the place where I am,
But I can't seem to think.
My thoughts are blurred.
All I can think of is you.
Is it just me or the world is going crazy?

I know, it’s been a year since we parted.
And yet it seems just a year.
I think I see a glimpse of you,
Every now and then.
Is it just me or the world is going crazy?

I have tried everything to get over you,
Read a book, watched movies,
Talked aloud, even partied all night,
But try as much as I want to.
Is it me or the world is going crazy?

I think it is you,
That has got into me.
I try and try to get rid of this feeling,
There are marks of my nails on myself,
My friends thought I was going crazy.

I tried to tell them all about you
And how I can never leave you.
The marks are from me trying to get you out of me.
But I guess what they say is true,
It’s not the world, but me that's going crazy.

And I blame you for all that is done.
I can see that smile on your face
as if you are mocking me.
But then, it’s me that’s refused to let go,
So why should I blame you?

It’s been a month now, here in this mad house,
But the world still appears to be the same,
With every passing day, your memory is fading.
I don’t know how long I will be stuck here.
But I know for sure, that’s the day you will be all gone....

~ A Poem By Fizz

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