You were my Sunshine....

You were my sunshine,
You were the reason for my smile,
You were my love.
Then where did I make a mistake?

You were my strength,
You were my energy,
You were all I cared about.
Then where did I make a mistake?

Did I put you so high,
On a pedestal?
From where you couldn’t see or hear me
Or was it something else?

I think I loved you,
To ever see the truth.
The fact being that I was,
Just too good for you.

You say that in life,
All one needs is love.
But I guess for us,
It’s always been me - the person who still loves you.

Excuses, lies and betrayal,
Is what I couldn’t see?
I guess that's what I get,
For trusting you blindly.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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