Be Strong

"Be strong", God said to me,
When he moulded me,
And sent me down to earth.
I unknowingly believed,
That life would be good to see,
Ventured into unknown places.

Then on a dark day,
I seemed to be lost,
Not knowing how to go back.
I cried and cried,
But no one heard,
I wondered what I should have done.

"Be strong", he had said,
I remembered. So I started moving alone.
With every noise I did hear.
With every fear in me,
I just kept walking.
I told myself, this too shall pass.

Be strong, don’t fear,
Be alive, don’t live in the past,
What you will lose or gain.
Is another story,
Do not worry about your history,
Cause when it rains, there always sunshine.

When it gets tough,
The tough get going,
So be strong.
When no one seems to hear you,
And no one seems to care,
Just look ahead and keep walking.
Cause it will surely get you to some place,
So what’s the fear of just waiting,
When the world is just out there.

- A Poem By Fizz, © 2011



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