Darling, Do You See Me Too?

You look at the sky searching for me,
There's a star that shining bright, That's me.
Tell me darling, can you see me,
Just the way than I can?

I remember the war,
With countries fighting,
I rolled in my name,
And I promised you of my return.

I didn’t retreat,
But my things did, with a letter too,
So darling can you forgive me,
To not live up to my word?

When our daughter will be married,
Will you do me a favour?
Will you give her away instead of me,
And tell her that her daddy is so proud?

There will be hurdles along the way,
And this life is not as easy as people say,
I love you so much, and when I see you every day,
So far away, I still feel your pain.

With all the tears and all the love,
I know there’s me in your heart,
But will you listen when I tell you that,
Darling its time, that you moved on?

Darling, don't be this way,
There’s still a lifetime you ought to live,
I will be always there overlooking you.
Be strong and just move on.

- A Poem By Fizz

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