Lost in a Maze!!!!

Lost in the maze, 
People searching me, 
I want to move out, 
But how can that be? 

My handicaps, 
Are my fears, 
My strength, 
Seems to have disappeared.

I want to get out, 
But there’s no solution, 
I want to run,
But times running out on me.

What do I do, 
When everything I have tried, 
Turns out to be more confusing, 
Even I can’t find a solution. 

Do I give up, 
What other choice do I have? 
The mind is playing such games, 
I think it is enjoying itself.

What does a man do, 
When he is stuck, 
With no clarifications, 
And no help?

With people pulling him down, 
Waiting for him to fall, 
The world seems to be evil, 
And honesty is called foolishness. 

I am lost in a maze, 
And I am losing all control, 
My world is closing, 
And I seem to be adrift. 

I wonder which is better, 
To be a sane person in a corrupt world, 
Or a mad man in a forgotten world? 
What would you rather be?

- A Poem By Fizz


  1. It makes a mad man seem sane when the corrupt world turns into the forgotten world.


    1. Yes, kind of creating an own world for himself...
      Very well observed.... :)



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