Be There For Me.

I need for you to be calm, 
I am not always this way, 
On most days, I am understanding and lively, 
So you please be there for me. 

I know I have lately turned into someone else, 
Am else who is angry and complex, 
Who shouts at the smallest things,
I am not all the beast. 

When we married, you promised to be there, 
In sickness and in health, 
Think of it as one of those moments, 
All I ask is for some more patience. 

I do not really know why I am turning this way, 
Maybe it’s the work or maybe something else, 
But it’s nothing to do with you or me, I assure, 
So don’t judge yourself or me, not now. 

Don't judge, don’t laugh, 
Don't tell me what to do, 
At times, I may have said some bad, 
But forgiveness is all I ask. 

Be my companion, 
Be my savior, 
Be just a bit more patient, 
And a whole more understanding. 

I feel as if I am walking in darkness, 
It’s just you who are my light, 
I don't ask much, 
But just hold my hand and let me sleep.

- A Poem By Fizz

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