Till Death Do Us Part

I look into those eyes,
And then I realise,
Why is it I am here?
That is to say.

What I really feel for you.
I have never felt this way before,
Like it’s just you and me,
And no one else in this world.

We met as strangers,
Then became friends.
You felt deep warmth in me,
Said I reminded you of your mom.

I think I found myself,
At home, whenever I was with you,
So when you did ask me out one day,
I never let you know I liked you as well.

I guess, everything went pretty fast from there,
Days became years, and now,
We are where we are,
As I stand right next to you, there’s very less to say.

I have never loved anyone more before,
You are my love, and my better half,
So when I shall be asked to speak,
All I ever will say is - "I do".

- A Poem By Fizz



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