I don't understand this Discrimination.....

I don’t wanna know,
How different we are,
Cause God made you,
And he is the one,
Who created me too.

We might not look alike,
But humans are what we are,
So I really cannot,
Understand this discrimination.....

I have blood that is red,
And so is yours,
I believe there is a God,
And so do you,
Then what sets us apart?

I live a life,
And so do you,
To err is human,
And to forgive divine,
So where were the lines of religion made?

Religion, I always showed my respects,
To me they really meant,
A few rules,
To let me be pure.

But when people fight,
Each trying to prove their superiority,
They break the very rules for which,
Religion was based on.

I don’t judge people on their colour,
Nor on their race, caste or creed,
I wish people would just stop,
Any kind of Discrimination.

For I don’t see the religion,
Or the Colour of my love,
All I see is a heart that’s supposed,
To be loved instead.....

- A Poem By Fizz


  1. Very nicely written...and the message through this poem may reach all the Indians and even the world

    1. I dont know about everyone, but I am glad, you got the message... :)



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