I Loved a Guy once.

I loved a guy once, 
Brought up in the same town, 
He was my soul mate, 
I thought he was in my fate. 

In school and in college, 
He was my prince charming, 
Then came the fact, 
We had to move apart. 

He had to go a college in north, 
While I had to study hard.
Don’t worry, he said, 
“You are just as far as you ever want to be” 

A call sometimes, 
And just like that, it was 3 years, 
He was finally returning home, 
I knew I was on seventh heaven. 

A wicked smile, 
And a gift in hand, 
I walked across, 
To give him a surprise. 

Sometimes they say, 
That distances make you forget, 
But that’s not how, 
My story goes. 

He was standing with a bicycle in hand, 
I had forgotten, 
We were still kids at heart, 
He still made my heart skip a beat. 

He gave me a hug, 
And we talked a lot, 
But never once, 
About the love we had. 

A bit worried, 
I walked back home, 
Only to be surprised, 
By what I saw. 

There standing besides everyone, 
Was my guy, with his parents too. 
I don’t think, I have to go on, 
Cause the following year, I said – “I Do

- A Poem By Fizz

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