I Wanna Be More Than A Friend

I don’t want to be your friend, 
I know how weird it sounds, 
But you still get me wrong, 
What I mean is - I don’t want to be Just your friend. 

It is true, 
For sometime now, 
I have been in love with you, 
I know we were always meant to be friends,
But who set the rules, At least not me. 

Are you blind or something, 
I think you must be crazy too, 
Cause you surely cant see, 
The girl that is inside me. 

You had to have a girlfriend, 
And the girl you never knew, 
Just because she seemed to be a little girlish, 
Or maybe I was too tomboyish. 

I listen to you all day, 
And even when you need me, 
My shoulder is always there. 
But can’t you see a little into my eyes, 
Cause it’s got the love for you. 

I am tired of being just a friend, 
And tired of being the shoulder, 
You needed me for everything, 
Was love a thing not included? 

I might not be so strong someday, 
I may even call it quits, 
Don’t blame me that day, 
Cause you were the one that didn’t understand, 
How much it hurts to be just a friend. 

I don’t want to be your friend any more, 
Don’t get me wrong 
What I mean is - I don’t want to be Just your friend. 
No more…..

- A Poem By Fizz

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