Love Struck

If I had you in front of me,
This is all I would want to ever tell, 
“I had read it in story books, 
How a prince charming was always there, 
And I know that I am not a Princess, 
But if I were, then you would surely be my Prince 

I know the line sounds a bit cliché, 
But that's how my story begins, 
Mom told me, 
That its how love is meant to be. 

I never believed in it, 
Till the day, 
I first met you, 
It was love at first sight, 
You had me at hello. 

I didn’t show how much you scored, 
But love, it was a 150. 
So I pretended to tell you, 
How much I hated you, 
And you tried to impress me much more. 

Over the years, 
We have remained friends, 
I still play the game of love and hate, 
But that somehow has always been a game for you, 
You have grown up, but I still am stuck or should I say - LOVE STRUCK 

At times I still wonder, 
What would life be if I ever tell you, 
How much it is I love you, 
Would you still be my friend, 
Or maybe become someone more, 
Or maybe just disappear. 
Would I be risking too much? 

I have tried hard to forget you, 
And when you found someone else, 
I did date a few, 
But in them I couldn’t see, 
The man that I wanted with me. 

Let the past be just a memory, 
And the future for us to make, 
I know things are not what they ought to be, 
But can’t we give it just a chance? 

You make my heart skip a beat, 
And your voice makes me droll. 
I have never met someone, 
Who make me feel so good.” 

I can write things and things to go on, 
But then Words sometimes fail me, 
The whole idea is to tell you, 
How much it is I care, 
How much it is I Love you. 
Do you think you could say – ME TOO?"

- A Poem By Fizz

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