I Live Thru Another Lie...

I look at your face,
And the look in your eyes,
And then I ask myself,
Is this the man I fell in Love with?

You look in my eyes,
And lie on my face,
And yet I love you you so much that,
I love the way you lie.

I ignore each lie that you say,
With each lie, the pain that you inflict on me.
I saw you the other day,
With A friend of mine.

I think I would have just let it be,
Had I not seen you kiss her on her cheek,
And later you went on to kiss her on her lips,
Tell me does she kiss you better than me.

I look at you,
And pray to God,
You tell me the truth,
I am tired of pretending, I am tired of the lies.

Sometimes I wish,
I should have just asked you “WHY”:
But then I guess, I remember,
I love you so much, I give it another try.

As I stand waiting for you,
A tear is in my eyes.
I wipe it out,
Cause I know, I have to live thru another lie.

- A Poem By Fizz

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