Hurt is what I am, 
Right now I am, 
To have loved you, 
And then be treated this way. 

You look at me, 
As if I am a stranger,
Are you the same man I loved, 
The reason for all my smiles. 

Did this all happen in a Day, 
Or was it happening for quite sometime. 
We had our share of fights of course, 
But never serious to break up. 

The love that I want to see, 
Is not there in your eyes, 
The pain that I feel now, 
Is it not felt by you? 

I cry, I moan, 
I feel as if you are tearing me apart, 
Are you trying to tell me, 
You don’t feel any remorse. 

I try to remind you, 
Of our love and all the years gone by, 
But why do you still look, 

Is it me I wonder, 
And I know, 
I will for years, 
From now. 

I walk away, 
Totally lost, 
For the dreams have been shattered, 
And the heart has broken into a thousand pieces. 

What was I thinking, 
When I said a yes to you. 
That’s what I get, 
Too have loved You and Only You.

- A Poem By Fizz

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