A New Heart For Me!!!!

A friend one day came to me and said, 
Can I borrow your heart? 
So I thought, why not? 
And gave away my heart with all my trust. 

A few days later, he brought it back, 
Said it was a stupid little thing, 
Amateur and childish, 
He had tried to take care of it, but in vain. 

He went on to tell me, 
How it had slipped and fallen down. 
I felt betrayed, but I kept quiet, 
So what if it was cracked, I took back my heart. 

I started to walk on a path to reach a destination, 
And on the way, I met a lot of people, 
Some friends and some foe, 
But each of them complained. 

So what if my heart looked ugly, I pleaded, 
It’s still a good heart, 
Simple and pure, all it needs is a little love, 
To heal the cracks away. 

But no one believed, no one heard, 
The laughter grew louder, 
My heart could hear it too, and it couldn’t 
Bear the pain, so it started to weep. 

With every tear, the hurt was more, 
Soon my heart gave away. 
It broke into pieces, a thousand and some more, 
All I could do to join it back was in vain. 

So in a box, I put the pieces and threw it in the sea, 
And then went to a shop to buy me another one, 
So what type of a heart do you want? 
I looked at myself and for a moment kept quiet. 

I didn’t have the patience or the strength to 
Have a heart which could be broken, 
So with all the little money I had, I said, 
Could you give me one that was made of stone? 

The cruelty of the world, changed forever my heart,
Once it could feel the pain, now it is made of stone.
From the depth of the ocean one can hear it cries,
I wasn't meant to be broken, thats what you get when you trust someone.

- A Poem By Fizz

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