Things I Wanna Tell You Before I Die...

Dear mom, 
I know I should have listened to you, 
But somehow I loved the way we fought. 
You don’t need to be scared anymore, 
I know I love u much more than I ever will tell u. 

Dear Dad, 
You needn’t worry anymore,
Your daughter is really big now, 
Thanks for being by my side, 
Thanks 4 letting me be whom I am. 

Dear Jerr!!! 
I need for you to be stronger now, 
You will be having a good wife too, 
I know of all things that I will miss is, 
A brother so loving like you. 

Dear David!!! 
I wish I had some time more to share with you, 
But I know the ones I spent with you, 
Are enough for me, I guess not for u. 
You can let go off me now. Just let go. 

I wish you all didn’t look at me the way that all of you do, 
I have lived my life happily, I really enjoyed, yes I did. 
A wonderful family, a husband to care, 
And yet fate had to have its own way. 
I have no regrets, what so ever, 
Just a prayer for all of you. 

“God, Give my family the strength to live on, 
Even as I die. 
To love and cherish each others company and be thankful, 
For what they still have. Bless Them.” 

I didn’t have time enough to show them, 
How much it is I care, 
For people who still live on, 
“Please take care, to tell all your loved one, 
How much it is they mean to you” 
Cause you never know how much it hurts when someone you love, 
It not there anymore.....I hope you understand before it’s too late, 
Before the one you love is gone forever”

- A Poem By Fizz



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