To Kill With Prayers!!!!

I try to be quite,
Cause there is this silence all around me,
I look out the window,
And there in the shadow,
I know it is you.

Then I ask my lord to forgive me,
Cause this is what I wanted,
This is what I have got,
Then why does it hurt so much?

I feel a lot of pain inside me,
I want to shout, but I am too afraid,
I take a walk alone and there I take a rest.

Let me tell you,
Of all the sins I have done,
By far this is the worst.
How can I ask for someone to be dead?

How can I want it so badly,
I ask,
And then I seem to remember
Of all the pains and the hurt that you gave me.

I was an innocent girl once,
Searching for love,
And you pretended to be the one,
A look at you, and I felt my dreams had all come true.

A house of our own,
2 children and we,
And all the love we had for each other,
But I still don’t understand where did I make a mistake.

You not only broke my heart,
But broke a person too,
I smiled at people and laughed with them too,
But no one could see the dead girl in me.

I tried all I could,
To come alive,
But never could,
So I wished instead for you to be dead.

And though in front of me,
You body lays still,
I want to be happy,
But I am mourning instead.

People say a drug overdose killed you,
But I know the truth,
It was my prayers that did it.
So I say Congratulations to you.

You know why I say all this,
Cause you were always a murderer,
But who could think of all the things you could do to me,
You could make even a Killer out of me…..

- A Poem By Fizz

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