Broken Hearts!!!!

I sat beside you and heard your whole story,
And all I felt was sad, at the way your heart was crushed,
It reminded me of my broken heart and,
All the dreams that still remain smashed.

I look around me and then realize,
That we both are not alone.
Around us, there are many hearts cracked.
That everyone has a story untold and sometimes unheard.

I don’t know how, but in some way,
We are all connected.
Everyone at some point of time has stumbled
Or has had his heart broken.

I curse the person who did this to us,
All I wish one day is they realize their fault,
To be loved by someone is beautiful,
And then to be left by the same person is so painful.

A tear falls from my eye,
I wish this heart was never there,
And nobody could hurt you and me.

Our dreams would then have never been unfinished,
And the fear to fall in love again,
Would never have been there.

But life is never what we want it to be,
I think we grasped that –
Life will be a series of disasters,
We just have to keep on moving ahead,
A bit shattered, but definately stronger.

- A Poem By Fizz

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