Cause You Never Really Loved Me

I look at a movie,
Its just 2 in the night.
Somehow someone reminds me of you,
And I just wish you were still there by my side.

At times I do question,
Whether your love for me was true?
Or whether everything you told me was untrue?
Answers to these questions I can never find.

I loved you truly,
I really did too.
And had u even asked me,
To the world I wouldn’t have cared much....

But I guess u had to be more practical,
To think about this world,
I hate being practical,
But I now wish I was so.

Then maybe, I should have seen all those signs,
Which told me otherwise,
But u know how badly I was blinded by
The love in my eyes.

I have moved on since then,
But I do sometimes wonder,
What if you still loved me,
And really did care....

But the answer to my question,
Is the fact that if u did,
Then u would still be by my side,
Being alone today, is my punishment.

My questions will remain unanswered,
My wait just too long,
My memories will remain just memories,
Cause you never really loved me.

- A Poem By Fizz

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