Death Of A Lover...

I see you sleeping so peaceful and quite,
And all is silent,
All I can see is you in front of me,
A tear falls from my eye.

I remember all the times we were together,
The times we spent together,

The love we have for each other.

I remember the 1st time we met,
It was love at first sight for you, you said,
I think you drove me crazy at first.

I remember our first walk together,
The first kiss, the way you get angry at me being late.
The mess in our home, your first look in the morning.

The way we fight with each other, the way we say our sorrys,
The gifts I get on my birthday,
The way we celebrate valentines.

I walk alone in the house,
And don’t know how it will be,
Without you anymore,
I think I can still hear your voice, shouting out my name.

You promised me you will be back,
Honey, how long do I have to wait?
I miss you already; I think you are still some where around.

My thoughts are broken,
There again in front of me I can see you,
Still so peaceful and calm you look,
Another tear falls from my eye….
Honey, Please come back,
I am not that strong…..

- A Poem by Fizz

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