Good Morning!!!!

Sleeping on my bed,
I get up early morning,
And people ask me, how can it be that even on a holiday,
You get up so early.

To which I only say,
Mornings are beautiful,
A ray of sunlight,
Not too strong, delicate and nice.

The sky so beautiful,
You even have the cloud welcoming you,
I sometimes hear the birds sing their songs,
And the trees never seemed greener.

I love the fact,
That I have the whole day to do my things,
In the morning just to sit and,
Be Grateful for the beauty.

If you still want to know,
Why so early,
Well, I say, why don’t you try looking at the world?
Just my way.

Beauty is at its best in the morning,
Everything pure and calm,
You have a fresh new start,
And the world to say - GOOD MORNING.

- A Poem By Fizz

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