Growing old with you.

It’s been years now, with you and me,
Playing the hide and seek,
You love me or I love you more than you.
The truth I can never find

You know after all these years love is still there,
When writing all this, I think about is you,
When you talk to me, my heart still skips a beat,
When I take your name, I start blushing

When on looking at you, the world doesn’t matter,
When you standing beside me, I feel safe,
When you look at me, I still feel the most beautiful,
When you catch my hand, I feel magic.

We started as being friends and then moved on,
Never in between leaving each other,
A call, a letter, you were always there for me,

The simple joys with you,
We had our fights as well,
Its growing old with you that I like the most.

I remember the way you proposed,
I thought it was another of those dates,
I still think about that look in your eyes, when I said a yes....

I still remember the church, the people,
And your face, when I walked into the altar.
I never saw you so happy ever,
I felt the luckiest....

It’s been 50 years since that day,
It’s been a roller coaster ride since then,
But every bit the fun,

Times have changed, People have changed
People have come and people have gone,
You still look as charming as ever with every growing wrinkle,
But I know for sure, the sparkle that I still see in your eyes,
Is all because of your love for me,
I still am confused whether you love me or I love you more.

And Then I know, it was always you....

I smile, I think I like it that way.

- A Poem by Fizz



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