I Do!!!!

My heart beats loudly and I am scared,
With every breath I take, I know I love you,
Then why do I feel this way,
Do you feel the same to?

For years I have thought about this day,
But never knew it would be this way,
I am waiting for the music to start,
Besides me my giver - my father.

He seems to be happy, but the
Pain of separation is there, I feel it too,
From a little gap, I can see your face as well,
Standing there tall, are you scared too?

I think I want you to,
I have never seen you this happy ever,
Not even when I said a maybe!
No, Not even when I said, YES!

I remember, the daily shopping that we did,
The planning for the wedding,
The cake, the music, the hall, the guests, the family,
My bridal shower, my bridesmaid.

In the whole chaos, I forgot,
I would be leaving a whole world,
Behind, only to enter a new,
World with you in it.

I wanna see your face when I ,
Walk down the aisle,
Thats the feeling I always thougt about,
You mean the world to me.

And give and take all the fear,
Not thinking about anything more,
I love you alot and that the,
Reason I wanna say - I DO!

- A Poem by Fizz

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