I Love the way you Lie!!!!

I saw a pic of you and me together,
And now I think I know the truth,
We were best enough alone,
But never good enough together.

All the while, I thought you were busy,
You were just trying to run away,
I thought you needed someone to understand,
But that’s what I misunderstood.

You saw it a long time ago,
That you and me couldn't be,
Then why didn't you tell so,
Why the hell did you lie?

I love the way you Lie,
You do it every day,
I wait for the moment,
Just when you will say the truth.

I don't know what hurts me more,
The fact that you lie or,
The fact that it’s me,
That’s keeping you from the truth.

I see your face every day,
And it bleeds my heart to death,
Go away, run away,
But I still love the way you lie.

Your lie gives me hope,
That you still love me some more,
Maybe, just maybe,
Things will be fine.

- A Poem by Fizz

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