I met you as a Stranger!

Passing by, I saw you standing there,
You looked at me too,
And smiled when you realised,
I was looking only at you.

And then you simply disappeared,
A train came by, u had to go,
Just the opposite way.
I wish you could have stayed longer.

Everyday, I came by,
Wanting to catch a glimpse of you again,
A day passed by and then it became a week.
Somehow, you seemed to have disappeared.

And then, when I had given up all hope,
I saw the angle reappear.
You looked so good, my prince charming.
And when you saw me noticing, you smiled again.

A week went by, we talking thru our eyes.
And somehow I Knew, we were meant to be together.
But Do I ask you first or,
Should I wait for you to ask?

I didn’t even know your name and,
I seem to have fallen in love with a stranger.
The day I made up my mind to cross the platform,
I saw you with someone else.

Was she a friend, a lover, a wife or a sister?
Oh! The sight brought so much pain. I didn’t know what to do.
She was there everyday by your side.
I knew my heart was broken.

I tried hard to forget you,
But things were so difficult.
With you standing just opposite me,
My heart bled, but that I guess u didn’t see.

And then, one day as I reached,
I saw you standing there with a bouquet of roses,
Hey, that was my platform you were standing at.
Do I need to tell you further on?

She was his neighbour and just a friend,
He said he loved me and asked me out.
And that’s how our story began,'
How each of us fell in love with a stranger.

- A Poem by Fizz

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