Me, A Soldiers Wife!

You ask why I don’t cry?
You look amazed and worried too.
In front of me lies a body,
My family cries and my child too.

You ask why I don’t cry?
My reply – Cause, I am The Soldiers Wife.
In front of me lies, the body of the Soldier who I married,
The father of my child, the love of my life
A man so young and brave.
Who I knew, loved me a lot, but had a duty to do.
In front of me lies a body of a warrior,
In front of him, how can I cry?

No my tears won’t come,
They dried the moment I tied the knot.
Knowing that though he was the soldier, I was his strength.
On every journey that he went, I never cried.

I can’t cry, Cause I had promised him,
I will always be strong,
No matter how difficult things will be without him,
No matter how much it hurts right now.

No, I wont cry, Cause I know his sacrifice isn’t in vain.
He died protecting his motherland.
This soldier will be looking up from heaven,
And I won’t want him to feel bad.

I won’t cry.
Not for my child, Not for Me,
Not for my husband.
A Soldiers Wife I am,
And A Proud Widow I will always be.

- A Poem by Fizz

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