Do Hurry...

I see that this heart is empty,
And yet I know you are out there.
I don’t know how long can I be this strong,
To recognise you, that you are the one.

Many a roads have I walked alone,
And many a roads have I faltered.
I am tired by the irony of doing the wrong things.
Of choosing the wrong people.
My love is out there,
Only I have to find him, I need him to be -
Someone who will love me, for who I am,
Not changing me at all.

My religion, my wealth,
My looks wouldn’t matter, nor his,
All I would require him to be is strong.
By that I mean mentally.

Every night, I think he is out there,
All I need to be is strong.
I want to spend life’s beautiful paths with him.
To be proudly called a Mrs.

To be wed and loved and cared for,
The fear I have the most is,
Dying alone or being married to a man,
Who I do not love.

Do hurry,
And swipe me off my feet,
Cause I don’t know,
How long I can wait for you.

- A Poem by Fizz

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