Why is it that when you make a promise,
It is not me that you fail,
But the love that’s holding us together.

How many times, have you promised to call back?
And the call never came,
All I did was go off to sleep, waiting for you to call.
Ready to listen to some lame excuse again.

How many times, did u promise to take me out?
And I guess you cancelled, at just the last minute,
When I was already ready.
I didn’t tell you, how much it hurt.

The biggest promise you made me was -
To love me forever,
I think I was na├»ve that I didn’t see,
Work came before me.

I have waited quite a lot,
For some promises you never kept.
Somehow, I forgot a promise I made to myself,
That nobody had the right to hurt me this way.

I don’t need your promises,
And I don’t need your love,
You always must keep your promises,
That’s a lesson you should have learnt.

- A Poem By Fizz

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