So Much For My Happy Ending....

I don't know who I really am,
My name, my caste, my religion,
Dont matter, nor yours,

Cause I have already made up my mind,
When I plan to get married,
I will walk down the aisle,
There is no other way, I would want it to be.

Me and you standing side by side,
Each saying our own commitments,
And what we would mean to each other.

We would do our own preparation,
A white dress for me, a tuxedo for you,
And clothes for my bridesmaid,
A cake with a tier of three.

A big hall, decorated in yellow and,
White, and bits in blue and pink as well,
But white overall,
All the lovely love songs.

And lots of flowers,
Dads giving me away,
A few people whom we care about,
And two cute rings.

I want to see the look,
when I walk down the aisle,
The love in your eyes, I think,
Its the way things ought to be,

So whoever you are, whenever I meet you,
I have a dream, please agree with me.
I have a happy ending,
Lets make it that way.

- A Poem by Fizz

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