When I look back,
I wonder, if I can change what I have done,
Standing face to face, holding exorbitant anger,
With a clutched fist and a pointed finger,
What we want, nobody knows,
Abuse, disgrace, sympathy and empathy,
Words that seem to not exist.

When I look back,
Instinct of a killer, frowning eye brows,
Our river of love is dehydrated,
An agitated soul,
We fought about everything in this world,
Forgot what love had been to us.

When I look back,
On top of our voices, yelling for the choices,
Then we came to a conclusion - DIVORCE.
It was a complete debacle,
With a slip of a word, I lost my life,
Left alone forever with the echo of my ego.

When I look back,
I wonder if I could have not let you go,
I wonder if we could have understood what we wanted,
If only....

-A poem by Dush

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