I Fear Not

I fear not the dark,
I fear not the hatred,
I fear not failure,
I fear not love.

What harm can you do to me,
When I feel no pain anymore,
Love is now alien to me,
And hatred laughs with me.

When I look upon the world,
And see the happy faces,
I wonder how I came to be this way,
And with hours of contemplation.
No one can figure that out.
All I know is that,
Everytime I breathe,
I cant even feel myself anymore.

At times, I have thought about the end,
But coward is not what I am,
There's still some dignity left,
And a heart that beats.

I fear not the dark,
I fear not the hatred,
I fear not the Death,
Cause I am already dead inside.

- A Poem by Fizz


  1. fizaa, ur really too good. i dnt knw y ur poems connect wid me so much..the pain, d loneliness,d fears, d emotions all...cant resist me saying dat u r pen to my emotions...

    1. My Telepathic friend,
      Wow... The more you comment, the more Inquisitive I become towards you. Its not fair, that only you know about me... Shouldnt it be both ways? Anyways, Take your time. :)



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