I moved a Few Things...

I moved a few things and its taking my life to get its place,
Extending a mile, holding my patience.
Insignificant efforts and broken hopes,
Lonely dreams of a broken heart.

With all my strength, I pushed it hard,
Swear to God, with every drop and with every vein,
Stagnant as the words defines my efforts,
I moved a few things.

Every mark has its meaning,
Every word has its life,
Whatever is done has become dark,
Whatever I am today, I am your part.

Asked your help to hold the helm,
I can’t stand the storm alone,
But I held it hard,
I held it tight.

Whatever is done will take its place,
Life is a masquerade and life is wild,
On the course my faiths remains the same,
I will not take the blame.

Certain things are meant to be moved,
What Is difficult for me to understand is,
That you can’t be replaced,
And yet I moved a few things…

-A poem by Dush.

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