My Happy Go Song

I pack my bag,
I am ready to leave,
I know a place, that’s close to me,
It’s my Home sweet Home.

I am singing all thru the way,
I am singing the Happy Go Song,
I am singing the Happy Go Song....

U ask me why,
I say cause,
The sky is blue,
The grass is green,
I look happy and so should you.

I see the Rivers flowing by,
They seem to quickly run away,
It’s like some place they got to go,
It’s like things they got to do....

I see the trees crossing by,
They seem to be whispering something to me,
It’s like a secret between you and me....

Hey, stop, wait for me,
That’s what I keep telling the birds and the fish in the sea,
They got to go to school, they say,
Learning all the way....

Life is so beautiful,
I sometimes tend to forget my way,
But then time and time again,
I remember my Happy Go song,
And I sing it all the way.....

Happy, Happy, Happy Go song,
Try it,
The world will seem Beautiful,
All Along.

- A Poem by Fizz

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