I Run Away, I Run Away

I sit under my favourite lemon tree,
And as I began to wonder,
where should I have been?

I scream out load,
This isn’t ME….
But I am lonely,
There’s no one who can hear me.

I am tired now,
Of doing what I do,
And yet I seem to be so calm down below.
I run away, I run away.

Trapped in a body,
My words fail me,
I hate silence,
Don’t judge me…

I run away, I run away,
From everything that seems Logical,
I run away, I run away….

If I could change,
What seemed right,
How can I differentiate,
From You and Me.

Everything that I feared,
Is coming out true,
The very people I Loved,
Are very few.

Is it God punishing me?
Roads are twisted and so is the Truth,
I have become someone,
I can’t recognize anymore.

You think you know me,
But you are wrong,
I am a pretender,
But there’s something wrong.

I run away, I run away,
First into the world,
Where no one knows me,
And Then I run away, 
So that you can’t find me.

- A Poem by Fizz

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