I Wished You Had Loved Me Too!!

I always was the quite one,
Thought you would understand what was inside me,
You always knew what I wanted to say,
So how did u not realise?

How did u not realise,
That besides a friend, I could be much more,
To be more than just your Best Friend,
We could be just More.

I waited and waited for u to understand,
Wish I had been stronger,
To tell you – How much it is I cared.

I stayed awake a little longer to hear you call out my name,
I stayed back by the bus stop to see you pass by,
I smiled when you teased me and smiled though you hurt me.

And all I am left is with A few Thank you notes,
You seem to be fine with me being just your friend,
You seem to have found someone else.

My heart aches to see you with someone else,
And yet I have to go thru this torture,
Cause True love they say is Giving,
I smile when I think of this.

I start to compare me with her,
And though I believe I am the better one,
I still cannot think where I missed the Boat,
I guess It was our Friendship, the wall that stood between.

A few memories and A wish Is all I have left,
I pray that someday u will realise,
That to me You were my joy and my world.
You were more than my friend.

I look at your pic,
Every now and then,
And wonder when that time will come.
A tear in my eye, a pain in my heart,
I wish U had loved me too.

- A Poem by Fizz

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