The Last Ride

Standing on the pavement watching you go away,
The words froze in my mouth all that I wanted to say,
Should have stopped you when you looked at me one last time,
Feeling the guilt rising, was love really my crime?

I know I have hurt you, for reasons out of my control,
The memories have engulfed my heart, the tear has started to roll,
Dreamt of our future where we walked hand in hand, side by side,
Destiny had other plans this turned out to be our Last Ride.
Fighting against hope, staring death in the eye,
Wish I could tell you the truth…explain the final goodbye,
As I take the steps towards the last journey of life,
I feel the disease seeping through me cutting like a knife.
How I long to see you, to feel you in my arms again?
The way you smile at me, the way you take my name,
Just hope that one day you understand the reason why I had to hide,
And you fondly keep aside the memory of me and Our Last Ride.

- A Poem By Neha 

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