Pretending to be Ok....

Pretending to be ok, when I am not,
Might seem to be a fine idea.
But what goes inside a wounded heart,
Is hard enough to tell.

There are people around you,
Some your friends and some not so,
U might get scared of what they might think so u pretend.
Pretend to be ok, when u r not,
Pretend to be happy, when u r not.

Friends might get worried and enemies might just be not,
For it’s your dismay that caused the consequences and to create it u should have not.....
Pretend, to be someone u r not.

My heart is aching and yet to smile is hard,
To be a bit scared of the future and be brave is hard,
To be angry and acting calm is hard.

Am I being weak or a coward or a crook to pretend? I ask?
My answer is: It takes far more courage to smile on a wounded scar.
If my pretend makes the people around me happy, to think that a disaster I have averted,
I ask why shall I pretend to be not?

The pain and the pretend is getting down to me,
I have become an empty shell, hollow from within.
I try to fill myself up with the pretend....
Shallow is what I have become, to fill it with truth I cannot.

As I die today, I look around me,
With all my friends around me,
I try to search me in their eyes, But I can’t see the real me,
They think of me as someone else.....A person, who is hearty all the time,
Is this the price, I pay for pretending...?

I want to shout and tell the world it’s not me that u could see,
Under that happy face, was a person whose heart bled,
Under that hearty soul, there was a bandaged soul.
But I guess, it too late now, and all I can do is die in peace,
And pretend its ok, when I am Not....

- A Poem by Fizz


  1. Thanks Sakshi...Appreciate your feedback.
    And I did visit your blog. Its is very interesting...All the best to you. Keep writing and reading!!!!!

  2. "It takes far more courage to smile on a wounded scar." WONDERFUL

    1. The wounded scar brings a lot of attention too,
      How one copes with it, takes a whole lot of courage....
      And one can just hope one has that courage in themselves and in people they believe...

  3. it seems to be my end...Pretending to be OK when i m not....

    1. My Telepathic friend,
      I remember the time I wrote this poem. And if you identify with the poem then my heartfelt sympathies with you. I hope you find the courage to break free from whatever is holding you down. Take care.



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