Silence, before the Storm

I look at the place around me, 
And all I see is nothing, 
And then I hear a mur - mur, And then there is this complete Silence. 

I begin to Panic, 
You ask me why it is so, 
I say, I recon what it is, it is the Silence. 

You look at me and wonder, 
What harm can the silence cause,
I say, "It’s not the silence, I worry about, it’s the storm that It Preceds" 

I turn around and you are not there, 
I guess the storm has started and I need to Be Aware. 

I try to search for any help, 
I try to search for you, 
But somehow, the storm is behind me and I seem to be Lost. 

I call out your name aloud, And all I hear is the Thunder, 
I pray to God, to save me thru this, But He says it is too late, 
I should have run, when there was silence everywhere, 
I did, I did. 

I think as I die today, 
It’s not the storm or the silence that killed me, 
But your Betrayal.... 

-A Poem by Fizz



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