Absolutely Nothing

I wanna scream,
I wanna shout,
I wanna lose my sense,
And somehow feel no pain around.

I wanna dance,
Like no one’s danced before,
And yet when given a chance,
I seem to choose otherwise.

I wanna sing,
Like a nightingale,
And it would never matter,
Whether I can sing or not.

I wanna fight,
And throw a few punches,
And in a friendly way,
Knock down a few.

I wanna cry,
In a way that scares someone,
And they too feel my pain,
And start to cry with me.

I wanna do so many things,
That I promised to myself,
But as times are passing,
The truth stares me in my face.

And the anger,
The frustration, the hurt,
The love, the compromise,
The bitterness and all my feeling.

Can somehow just wash away,
And for some time,
Just sometime,
I can feel absolutely nothing.

~A Poem By Fizz

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