A Hero For Me...

On my 27th Birthday,
I thought of gifting myself,
Some Love,
So I went across the local market,
In search of the perfect gentleman 
A market which fulfilled all sorts,
Of dreams and wishes,
It was just close to my house,
So I dressed the best of me,
And set across to wish me a man.

At the door, the doorman asked me,
What my reason for such was thee,
So I thought to answer,
The question but didn't,
Know what to answer.

So I thought for some time,
While the man kept staring,
Then when he could wait no more,
He said, "Mam, People come from far and away.
And all your wishes come true.

But for every wish,
There is a consequence,
So better be sure of what it is,
You ask and want for,
So that you never regret".

I remembered all the times,
That I had ever loved,
And the times when I had been hurt,
And then I really began to question,
The reason of my visit.

Was I afraid to be alone,
Or was I scared of all the couples,
Or was I tried of being bored,
Or maybe I just wanted someone to care?
And back and forth my thoughts raced.

I took a deep breath,
And thanked the man for his wise advise,
Unknowingly, he had made me realise,
That what I was trying to do was,
A shortcut.

A shortcut to love,
And love doesn't come easy,
So I returned home, promising myself,
That magic won’t get me love,
Some patience and hard work will.

~A Poem By Fizz


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