How Long Will It Be?

Its funny how people can be,
You look at them and then you wonder,
How long will it be before you or they move on,
I know Me, how I used to be.

Looking at people and then Differentiating,
No, don’t get me wrong,
People for me were either Good or bad,
Their heart and souls - that’s what only mattered.

But how can you tell, from a single look,
What is going on in a devils mind?
No, not even a decade will help you to understand,
What a person has in his mind.

I look at people around me,
And I still wonder, How long it will be,
Before Me or they will move on again,
And all that I will be left with is a confused mind.

Confused, To think,
Whether I was a fool or did I not see,
What a MORON,
The person could have been.

Time will pass, Things will pass on,
Years later, I hope to see,
That the people around me, are the ones that really matter,
For them I don’t have to wonder... How long will it be.....?

~ A Poem by Fizz


  1. Like you said, it takes but a moment for a heart to change.. so how can you know if the "ones who matter" will or will not change the next moment? :)

    Not only people around us, we also do change.. perhaps it is us a change in us that makes us think they have changed too.

    1. You cant know anything fro sure....But yes, its a faith that you have to put in...And in most cases, we do get the signs, we are just to taken by our Love for the other person that we do not see it.

      Change generates change. Evolution happens due to change. But when the change happens, it has to be mutual...A drastic change always takes time to adjust and that when all the threads break...

  2. This is a deep feeling which is not known to all, and with such simplicity you have portrayed it. The pain, the confusion, is all evident and yet, its quite an easy one to comprehend for one and all.

    1. What I wanted to portray was the hurt that one felt when such circumstances occur. I am happy that you could understand it. And many cant even speak about it. I have seen it and know the damage that it does to a person.



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