Love Is...

Love is not meant for me,
For years now, I ran behind it,
Fell and was left behind,
Scarred and the hurt which bled a lot.

Love is a vague term for me,
I have walked through the darkness,
When there was little to survive,
With a broken heart, I stood tall.

Love is meaningless for me,
I now own a heart of stone,
With feelings that appear to be cold,
So that never will you see this girl cry again.

 Love is something I don't care for,
It makes me laugh, to see fools believing in it.
To think that they too shall fall,
I know how bad it will pain.

Love is a word that I can't understand,
Do you think, I should tell the fools so,
Maybe it will save them from all the misery,
I wish someone had told me the truth.

Love is just another word for me,
For years now, I have run away from it,
I have lost a part of me that's never returning,
So love is just not for me.

~A Poem By Fizz 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ajay...
      So what does love mean to you?

    2. Love is something which has no meaning.
      It is just a feeling.
      One feeling like no other. incomparable, un-explainable feeling felt deep in the heart.
      Its when the heart speaks and mind listens.

      But if you ask me what it means to me ?
      I can't explain, may be because I don't know. Or may be because I haven't felt it / experienced it. I am in search of the inevitable.
      Or may be I'm just another person in the poem.

    3. Well Said, Ajay...
      Love is Love...It is hard to describe the feeling.
      But like most people will say - Its always better to Loved and have lost, than to never have loved at all...
      All the best, in your this search...



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