My Time Alone

I stand alone and look at my life, 
And then I wonder - is this Right? 
Where have all the people gone, 
Where is everyone? 

Friends that meant so much to me,
Where can they all be? 
As I stand alone, I look at the time, 
And then I wonder - Is this right? 

I used to be a kid once,
But where did my innocence go? 
The world seemed so peaceful some time back,
But where is the love lost? 

I look at my wounds and then I wonder,
Will the time ever erase the scars? 
As I stand alone, 
I look at everyone. 

From far and away,
For How Long shall I be? 
I don’t want to be this way, 
Not alone at all.

I don’t wonder now, 
Cause I know right from wrong and good from bad, 
For times will change and So will my life,
Someday, I wont be so A-L-O-N- E.

- A Poem by Fizz

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