Never take it Personally.

A Dinner Date,
Which was enjoyable,
I got to know him,
And I liked him so much.

While parting, we exchanged numbers,
He kissed a goodbye,
And said,
"Will call you later".

So why haven't he called yet?
Every hour and every minute,
Seems so long, so very long,
Every passing moment so excruciating.

I look at the phone,
I glanced at the clock,
I inspected everything around,
Waiting and wondering at such.

A day has gone by,
And I wonder if I should call,
But my friends say otherwise,
They think I would sound too desperate.

But I really am fond of the guy,
I argue,
And thats when they tell the truth,
A fact that I have to face.

"He's never gonna call",
As much as it did hurt,
I just had to move on,
But the pain was just too much.

My ego's been hurt,
Cause, He's just rejected me,
A few days of mourning,
On something that trivial.

But I assume,
That's how life has always been,
You always play a game,
Of Love and Hate.

You compete many a times,
And you cannot always win,
But life's lesson is always,
Never take it personally.

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. Moving the best thing you should do...great lines up there! :)

    1. Thanks Aakash!!!!
      Yes, realizing that there is no point in being stuck does help a lot....



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