The Risk

You looked at me,
And for a second there,
I thought I knew you,
I sensed we had already met.

You started to run,
To catch a cab,
I felt a jump in my heart,
How silly of me to not realize.

Your look said it all,
My search for that something,
Was finally over,
And maybe you were "The One".

The one that made me feel at home,
The one whose face was like an angel,
The one that I wanted to love,
The one that I wanted to marry.

But all that was slipping away,
Cause I didn't know you,
So I started to run behind you,
Did you not feel the connection?

Lucky for me, it was raining,
You couldn’t get a cab,
I quickly caught up,
And said, "Excuse me, mam".

For years, I had thought of such a moment,
And yet, it had me dumbfounded,
You looked irritated,I continued,
"Mam, I think I am in love with you."

I waited for you to say something,
Stupid of me, I know,
But I had to take a risk,
A slap, an angry banter, anything would do.

You looked for some gruesome seconds,
And then quite suddenly,
You laughed, and said,
"I think you have a really funny bone."

From there on,
One thing led to another,
And till this day, she still
Laughs the loudest on all my jokes.

~A Poem By Fizz

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