The Scare

We were having a fight,
And you just walked away,
I didn’t know what to think,
Or whom to blame.

That night, I cried myself to bed,
Cause you still hadn't come back,
And my heart was breaking up,
Uncertain of our future together.

Morning came and you were still astray,
I tried ringing your cell,
And checked with your friends,
But all I got was a negative reply.

My panic, my frustration,
My life, my aggravation,
My love, my tribulation,
My helplessness, my disorientation.
A ring at the bell, I pray it’s you,
I wonder what I will say,
For all the times, you drove me mad,
This one too is added to the archive.

But I need to know,
That you love me still,
You look angry no more,
But you stay mum.

I wonder what’s going through your mind,
You look at me and ask,
"I am starving, is there something to eat?"
I wanna shout, but I smile instead.

I reckon, now’s not the time.
We sure have our fights,
But last night’s scare,
Proved to me, how much I love you.

I guessed, you realized it too.
That’s the reason we each,
For the time being, forgive our misgivings,
And I guess, that’s what marriage is all about.

To love and to hold,
In sickness and in health,
To compromise and to forgive,
As long as we shall live.

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. nice reminded me one of Taylor swift songs "mine".........indeed marriage "To love and to hold,
    In sickness and in health,
    To compromise and to forgive,
    As long as we shall live."...grt lines :)

    1. Saikat, I haven't heard "Mine", but I am going to...
      Thanks for the comment...

  2. Wonderful lines...All married folks will be able to perfectly relate to that...And there is something very romantic about patching up after a heated agreement

    1. This poem is about Marriage in totality....
      So I am glad, that you liked it....

    2. Jaish, romantic to have patch up after a fight? This poem reminds me why I dislike marriage so much!

    3. Hmmm....Bhavana...
      Well, there is always two ways to see everything....
      Like I said before, its about marriage in totality.... Fights and the make up too... :)

  3. very true. that's what marriages are all about. great lines. :)

  4. You write well... very well put thoughts

    1. Thoughts are what makes a poem beautiful....Thanks.

  5. very well written loved the simple message

    1. Thanks Vikram, Glad that you got the message...

  6. A perfectly written poem especially for a married couple, where fights takes place regularly. :)

    1. Happy to know that you think the poem reflects the truth, Rohan...

  7. very sweet,lovely poem...very soft

  8. well thats what marriage is about ...the fights and the heartaches just add to the tanginess....superb !

    1. Thanks TTT,
      I am happy that you liked this poem too...

  9. Marriage is a mixed blessings - it can be irksome and it can be a blessing too. The idea is to find the happy medium.

    Let is evolve and enjoy the ride.

    You have employed a conversational style that reminded me of the lyrics from a Dire Straits song.

    Keep writing.

    1. Marriage is a mixture of everything, and that is what I am trying to say..Glad that you understood the point....

  10. genuinely sweet and heartfelt... loved it.



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