Thats Me!!!!

Walking down the street,
Looking at the moon,
Why Do I feel,
Like I don’t Care Any More.

I used to be,
A person so different,
And now when I see, I fail to understand,
This girl has changed they say, This girl is not the same. 

Into the mirror I look,
There still seems to be the same girl, who I am used to seeing,
Yes, My looks have changed, and so have my thoughts,
But My soul remains the same.

Why can’t anyone see that?
People fail to understand that this girl is not the same,
With age and time,
Perceptions have changed.

But Like I said, I still am the same,
Beautiful or not, intelligent or not,
Smart or not, cool or not?
Where are all of them.

Who disregarded me then?
And suddenly now question my change.
To them all I say,
I care no less for things as shallow as this.

Like me or hate me, I really don’t care,
I am what I am,
And that’s exactly what wont change,
That’s the True Me - Simply Genuine.

- A Poem by Fizz



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