The Truth

I sit by his side,
And stare into his eyes,
All I can see is his brown eyes,
He thinks I am listening, But I am not.

He keeps on talking,
And he thinks he knows me,
But I guess he doesn't realize,
That he might just be in for a rude shock.

I look again in his eyes,
Trying to see for one more time,
Whether he knows the truth,
That besides him is a girl made of glass?

I am wearing a mask of confidence,
A mask that hides my insecurities,
I am all made of love,
That is full of doubt.

I wonder how long before,
He will find out,
All my short comings,
Will he be able to handle my mood swings?

People are complicated,
But I am a complete mess,
Will he be able to understand,
The real me and help me thru?

Or will he run away,
Like some other few?
I love him a lot,
I wonder what to do?

Whether to show my true self,
Or remain behind the mask?
I wonder if he ever,
Will forgive me?

I sit by his side,
And stare into his eyes,
And for some time now,
I just want to forget the truth.

I don’t want to care,
About the world,
All I want him to do,
Is love the real me.

I might be ugly behind the mask,
But with love, I guess that’s a chance,
I will have to take,
So no matter what the consequence.

Till I find my courage,
I will always keep wondering,
I look into his brown eyes,
And I think he knows the truth.

But he is staying on,
Cause he is wearing a mask too,
So I guess that’s how life is going to be,
We each know the others truth.

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. beautiful!!!!!....

    1. I am glad you got the meaning of it, Deepak...
      Many do not!!!!

  2. Nice write...You have a nice blog. I enjoyed your poems. Will visit again :)

    1. Thank You, Shamsud...
      I feel really happy when I know that my poems are being appreciated...I always welcome some resourceful feed backs....
      So I will look forward to another one from you...



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